Previous retreats:

OnePlusGod Ministries had done several retreats with great success by God's grace.

We believe that each retreat will provide significant growth to your spiritual walk with the Lord - whether it would be for you as a man, woman, couple, family, or college student. Each retreat has its own theme and feel to it as it is geared towards making the best possible impact for a specific interest group.

Feel free to take a moment and look at the videos, pictures, and schedules of the previous retreats that we had done. The video bank will also often include testimonies of people who had already joined us on these retreats.

We would like to think that you will be encouraged to join us on one of our next retreats! If you can't find a retreat for your specific interest group right now you can always send us a retreat request so that we can keep you in mind for the interest group of your choice in the nearby future!

Hope to see you soon!

Greetings in our Lord,
OnePlusGod Ministries