Great news:  You are under no obligations when filing this retreat request. We are so excited that you are interested in taking your group on a retreat with OnePlusGod!  

Please help us to get to a better idea of what you have in mind, so that we can start a meaningful conversation with you.  An initial response to put a life-changing experience together can be expected within 3 business days.

Keep these important remarks in mind to make the most of your request:

  • Definition: We offer “Scheduled Retreats” and “Customized Retreats”.  Scheduled Retreats are those retreats already advertised on this website, and are open for anybody, no matter location, church affiliation, or any other distinction.  Customized Retreats are defined by the point person requesting the retreat and could therefor be meant exclusively for a specific church affiliation, small group, business and so forth.
  • Location: We will work with you to find a location close and suitable to fit your group’s needs.
  • Dates: Although Scheduled Retreats have fixed dates you can request to block out a number of spots for a period of time. Customized Retreats are arranged as close as possible to a date and duration of your choice.
  • Group sizes: To qualify as a group for a Customized Retreat you need to be at least 10 people, excluding the accompanied OnePlusGod staff person.
  • Finances: If you choose to go on a Scheduled OnePlusGod retreat, the price would be as advertised on the website. If you would choose to have a Customized Retreat put together we will present you with a quote that will fit your needs. 
  • Staff: All OnePlusGod Retreats (both Scheduled & Customized) require a staff person to accompany your group. This is to ensure a care-free and meaningful experience.
  • Administration: OnePlusGod will take care of the registration process, payment procedures, lodging, meals, and arranging any required retreat activities.
  • Speaker: When joining a Scheduled Retreat a qualified and experienced staff person will lead your retreat. With a Customized Retreat you have the option to request a speaker of your choice, or have the OnePlusGod staff person take the lead.
  • Presentation: A staff person can come to visit your group before and/or after your retreat to either encourage participation, or present effective feedback.

If you realize now that you would rather be interested in a Scheduled Retreat, you do not need to file the Customized Retreat request form below.  Simply choose the retreat of your choice and register today!

If you are excited about putting a Customized Retreat together, then please go ahead and tell us what you have in mind!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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