Bible in Heart Language

There is nothing that can be said to you, no matter how special the message might be, in a better way than in your own heart your own mother tongue.

Wycliffe Bible Translation does a great job giving us multiple reasons why we should invest time and energy into providing people with a Bible in their own heart language so that they can have the opportunity to hear the Message of Salvation as clear as possible.

This video from Wycliffe explains it so well - enjoy watching this two-minute clip.

Too many people do not have access to God's Word in their own language yet:

Of the 7000 languages spoken in the world, about 1800 language groups still need a Bible translation project to begin in their heart language - this means about 180 million people woke up today that couldn't read God's Word in their own mother tongue.

A more personal reason about why we should get involved with presenting people with the Gospel in their own, heart language:

“I was born in South Africa, and grew up with Afrikaans as my heart language. However I started learning English also from a very young age. Today we live in the States, and obviously we speak English probably 90% of the time, yet...when my wife and I do our devotions in the evenings together we still read from a Bible in our own mother tongue, Afrikaans! There is simply no language that can touch our hearts so deeply as our own heart language”! [Wynand de Wet (Wayne), Director: OnePlusGod].

Therefore, sharing your faith in a person's heart language continues to stay one of the most powerful Evangelism Tools!

To what is God calling you to?

  1. Praying for Bible Translation?
  2. Start a career with Bible Translation - your educational, linguistics, admin, technical and IT skills can be put to great use!
  3. Take God's Word in people's heart languages with you on your next trip or outreach! Here is just one link where you can get Bibles, although a simple internet search should quickly point you in the right direction too: American Bible Society.

OnePlusGod also support missionaries who are working alongside Wycliffe, and you can have fun learning more about them and perhaps even start supporting them:

May the work of Bible Translation continue to grow rapidly with God's grace!
OnePlusGod Ministries