Daddy-Daughter Day

OnePlusGod is so excited to present the very first Daddy-Daughter Event to dads who are serious about the precious relationship with their daughters! The relationship between fathers and their sons are super important, and as men we usually gravitate towards spending more time on that, but as we all know, dads can also not neglect the little ladies in their lives!

This year’s theme is: Raising a Lady. 

Pastor Wynand de Wet will be leading this event with a whole team of great women to take extra special care of the girls and give the evening an unforgettable, magical feel!

We will focus on girls between the ages of 5 and 16.

All of this will happen at the facilities of Cornerstone Church in Marion, Ohio at this address: 2010 Marion-Marysville Rd, Marion OH 43302

Schedule for the event:

  • 2-3pm  Daddy’s and daughters doing a memorable craft together
  • 3-4pm  A girlie talk with the girls and a man-to-man talk with the dads
  • 4-5pm  Girls getting hair and make-up done, and dads getting dressed up
  • 5-6pm  Girls entering the evening hall with a special surprise from their dads, followed by worship and communion
  • 6-7pm  Special meal - each father and daughter(s) at their own table
  • 7-8pm  Daddy-daughter dance, closing the evening at 8pm with special prayer to our fathers and daughters

What to bring:

  • Bible
  • Come with comfortable clothes, but please bring something nice (does not have to be new or super expensive…) for the evening program (dads and daughters)
  • We will have some makeup and hair brushes available, but girls bring your own if you have some specific preferences

Cost: $30 per Daddy and his daughter or daughters (between the ages of 5 and 16)


Register HERE