Dalton & Katie Williams


Bangkok, Thailand 


  • Our purpose is to grow His Kingdom through serving the people in Thailand. We also hope to encourage and strengthen the growth of the Church through teaching, Bible studies, music, Evangelism, and discipleship. 

Main Activities:

  • Learning the Thai language.
  • Serving with Bible Church Thailand.
  • Connect with the community.

Interesting Facts:
Dalton: Enjoys playing and teaching sports and really enjoys hanging out with youth.
Katie: Loves music and watching movies and will do anything to make someone laugh.


  • Learning the Thai language.
  • Continue to raise monthly support.
  • Breaking the barriers of Buddhism and its hold on the Thai people.


  • To be used by God to His glory!


  • We are currently in need of diligent people willing to lift us up in prayer.
  • Monthly financial support to increase.
  • To learn to speak Thai efficiently.
  • To get acclimated to the Thai culture and daily life.

Prayer Requests:

  • To diligently study Thai and be able to pass the exams. 
  • Build friendships within BCT and the community.
  • Transitioning from the States to Thailand.

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