Location: Dominican Republic

Main Activities: 


  • To join with ministries already in place to further the Kingdom through support, volunteering, and encouragement.

Interesting Facts:

  • Dominican Republic (DR) is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic. Santo Domingo is the capital city and the oldest city. It has a population of about 3 million people.
  • Family values and caring for each other is the most important foundation of their culture. They take great pride in caring for their family needs first, then their society and profession. Many families live together in Dominican Republic or very close. They also are a very hospitable and welcoming culture, especially to those who are not from their own.
  • Poverty remains widespread in the Dominican Republic. Approximately 1/5 of the population live in metal shacks, most without running water. Some of the social and economic problems are poverty, lack of education, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Dominican Republic is also a source, transit, and destination for those being sold into sex trafficking.

  • Their main religion in Dominican Republic is Roman Catholic.




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