Evangelism Bracelets

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How many times did you want to share your faith with someone, but simply did not know where to start? Or, how often have you wished for the opportunity to start sharing about Christ, but simply felt that the timing was not right?

Well, wouldn’t it be neat if you could wear something simple that would do both?

This is exactly what the bracelet will accomplish. By simply wearing it, you will find that the colors attract attention, and it won’t be long before somebody asks: “What is that bracelet about?”. Immediately the door is open for you to step in and share!


Depending on the opportunity and time you have available you would obviously be able to share either less or more... Let us first look at an example where you might only have a little bit of time - let's say one minute!

Imagine you’re standing at a cashier, with a whole line of people behind you, and the cashier, trying to make some small talk, looks at the bracelet on your arm and says: “That’s an interesting bracelet you’re wearing.” “Yes indeed”, you reply, “it uses color to share that we are all longing to be with God (while you’re pointing to the gold/yellow), but sin has separated us from Him (pointing to the dark/black). However, Jesus, gave His life for us (red) so that we can be completely clean again (white), and now we can grow in a living, loving relationship with our God (green), while we wait for Him to meet us face to face.” “Cool”, the cashier might reply. “But hey, here’s the deal: Once I have explained this, I cannot wear it anymore. So, why don’t you take it, read the texts at home, all from just one book in the Bible, the Gospel of John, and see what you think? The texts are all printed on the wristband, and you can also visit the OnePlusGod website printed on the inside to help you out even more. Well, hope you have a great day. Thanks for asking me!”

Was it the best way to share your faith? Probably not. Was it sufficient? Who knows...? A seed was sown. The Holy Spirit was at work. God’s Word might be opened that night, and we all agree how powerful that would be. Hebrews 4:12 says: “...the Word of God is living and active”! The point is, you did something, rather than nothing, to help us get some, rather than no conversations started about the faith that is so dear to us, that has changed our lives, and which we so badly want others to share in too.

Obviously, with more time, far more could be shared. The important thing would always be to start with the gold, reminding us of what is great, expensive, a bit removed and might often seem almost unattainable. This reminds us of God being from "above", "not of this world", while we are from "below", "of this world" (John 8:23). The dark color (black) has to be discussed next. Darkness causes one to think of scary, fearful situations and things that shouldn't be...sin. It is sin that brings separation between us and God, in fact, sin will ultimately cause us to die (John 8:24), unless we do not accept God's plan to free us: The love-sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ! And this is exactly what the red color reminds us of - the Lamb of God who came because of the love of God to shed His blood for us (John 1:29). How amazing is that, because now we can be clean, washed to be white as snow, as wool, just like the white in the wristband is shouting out: You can now be clean, washed by the Son, and if you would accept this you can share in eternal life with your heavenly Father (John 3:35-36)! Important, it is at this point that one should pause and ask if the person whom you are sharing with would like to make this plan of God for the world's salvation, their own personal conviction, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. If they would choose to do so, then you can lead them in a simple, yet powerful prayer, that could be something like this: 

"Jesus, I am a sinner, but today I met You! I am tired of trying to run my life on my own, and I confess that I had made a huge mess. Please forgive me for my sin! I want to turn complete control of my life over to You. Lord, thank You that I can believe in Your grace and forgiveness, even for me. Thank You that You also reached out to this sinner today and saved my soul! I now humbly accept that I can be called a child of the one and only living God. I love You Lord, and thank You for finding and loving me just as I am. Today marks a new beginning, the first day of the rest of my life with You as the King on the throne of my heart! Amen."

This is a great moment! Something we all long to experience with new believers. Be sure to celebrate this precious commitment with a new believer!

The final color on the wordless wristband would obviously be the green, reminding us instantaneously of new beginnings, spring time, growth... For new believers, and of course also for "old" believers this challenges us all to stay connected to the only, true Life-giving force in our lives, the only Vine that can give us as branches a chance of bearing fruit and making a difference with our lives - in fact, without this continuous connection we can do nothing (John 15:5)! And how do we stay connected and keep growing? Well, to name a couple of important things: Love God and each other, invest in strong partnerships and fellowship with other believers, daily pray and spend time in God's Word, and of course...share your faith!

Well friends, this is an example of how you can use a bracelet to share your faith!

May our Father open doors for you to do so...often!

Greetings in our Lord,
OnePlusGod Ministries