Evangelism Cube 

Sometimes it works great to share the Gospel with the help of pictures. There are many resources out there that will certainly help you to do this well, but there is one that we would like to point our OnePlusGod family to: e3Resources. On this site you will find a couple of tools that we had used with great success here in the States, but also on short-term mission trips all around the globe.

Although e3Resources offer different kind of cubes, we have found that the "eCube Go" really does a great job. You simply get a couple of these for every person on the team and they can use them as the trip or outreach event unfolds. Below is a picture of what the cube looks like:



The eCards basically do the same as the eCube except that this is probably the cheapest way to go. It has the same pictures to help you share the Gospel, but these can even fit into your pocket! Below is a picture of these:

Another great product of e3Resources is their soccer ball! This actually does not have the pictures, but the same salvation colors on the ball as we had discussed in detail on the Evangelism bracelet's page. In countries like Haiti, Jamaica, most countries in Africa, Thailand and so forth where soccer is a big sport these balls work great! Below is a picture of this soccer ball:


We hope that these Evangelism Tools can help you to get the Good News out there as effective as possible!

Visit e3Resources to find the resources discussed here.

To God be all the glory!
OnePlusGod Ministries