Haiti July 2017

 July 28-August 3, 2017

What surely stood out about this group and their Haiti experience was the worship: It was powerful to see how Haitians and Americans cried out to God together for the people of Haiti, America and for their own lives before God! God was worshiped together with different worship styles, songs, languages and the most intense prayers! We were on our knees together, reaching up to God together, having communion on our knees together, renewing wedding vows together, and baptizing children of God together! The worship was simply amazing! This group loved to Evangelize, share the Good News, encourage people’s faith, pray for healing/strength/wisdom for the people, share from God’s Word, share what God had done in their lives, play with the children, have fun with the “Noah and the ark” skit, teaching women how to make useful headbands, and having the first ever OnePlusGod men’s conference with some incredible powerful moments between men-and-men sharing together, worship together and praying together! What a blessed trip?! God is so good! May our Father continue also for this trip to multiply the work that was done and may it bear much fruit to His glory!

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