Haiti August 2018 

Date: August 3-9, 2018

We are constantly amaze at how God works on short term missions trips. To recall only a few of the highlights: 

  • Sadrac and his family had lost their home during the earthquake. We were blessed last summer with a pledge to help him get a new home. During this trip we started the final phase to get his new home finished. We could literally “feel” his excitement - he and his family, who are still living in the tent city, are so grateful and can hardly wait to move in - hopefully even before the end of this year!
  • The house with orphans/abandoned children all received gifts from a young lady who took a whole bag of toys to them - these kids were ecstatic! They couldn’t believe their own eyes and we could hardly keep our eyes dry!
  • Some people fulfilled a long, long challenge by our Father to go on a short term missions trip and were so blessed, stretched and transformed! Some made some really neat commitments to help some of the orphans with school fees, to come back and do some vocational teaching like welding, and to be more committed to daily devotions and specifically reading God’s Word faithfully.

If you are considering a short term missions trip, remember you’re never too old or too young: We had a grandmother and her grandson on this trip, a father and his son, some college age kids, a precious couple in their sixties…and all ages in between!

Simply GO…get registered…and experience the Kingdom of Heaven at work!


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