Israel Tour 2019

Important: This is the only TOUR that OnePlusGod facilitates…this is not a missions trip!  

  • September 10-19, 2019

$3,500 per person from Toronto, Canada - accommodation in four star hotels with daily breakfasts and dinners!

Pastor Wynand/Wayne will be the spiritual leader of the trip, his wife Somari helps with the organization, and pastor Matt Deeren will be the worship leader. 

Imagine…standing on Mt. Carmel where Elijah faced the prophets of Baal, or standing on the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, or walking the streets of Nazareth where Jesus grew up, and visiting Cana where Jesus performed His first miracle and turned water into wine. 

Imagine…visiting the Pool of Bethesda where Jesus healed the crippled man, watching people pray at the Wailing Wall of the temple, and then walk in the footsteps of Jesus down the Via Dolorosa, following down this path of sorrow and the Cross, to end with Holy Communion at the Garden Tomb, celebrating the crucified, but also the risen Lord!

Imagine…walking through the olive trees of the Garden of Gethsemane, sitting in the Upper Room, walking through the streets of Bethlehem, and standing on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem where the disciples once stood when Jesus ascended to heaven.

Imagine not having to IMAGINE this anymore, but actually EXPERIENCING it!