Location: Jamaica

Main Activities: 

  • Discipleship in local Churches.

  • Programs and activities in local schools.

  • Medical care in the mountains.

  • Supporting local Churches.


  • To join with ministries already in place to further the Kingdom through support, volunteering, and encouragement.

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Interesting Facts:

  • The national dish of Jamaica is Ackee and Saltfish. Most people in Jamaica eat it as a breakfast dish. Ackee is a fruit that grows locally. The dish is served with dumplings that are either fried or boiled.
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most sought after and expensive coffee on the market.
  • Jamaica has the most "churches" per square mile of any country in the world.


  • Finding reliable medical doctors to be on rotation for the clinic in the mountains.

  • Strengthening connections between the Church and community.

  • Combating Rastafarian religion with the truth of Christ.


  • To start a second surgery center in Montego Bay.

  • Continue to grow referrals for those that need eye surgery.

Prayer Requests: 

  • Growth in ministry.

  • Wisdom in making decisions.

Contact Info: 

Website: http://www.missionofsight.org/

Facebook: Mission of Sight