Jesus Movie 

Showing the Jesus movie on mission trips or outreaches had always been one of OnePlusGod Ministries' favorite ways to bring the Good News to people. This continues to be an amazing Evangelism Tool to share Christ with people anywhere in the world!

The Jesus movie of "The Jesus Film Project" is based upon the Gospel of Luke and it had now been dubbed in more than 1,300 languages across the globe - with new languages being added monthly! This is exciting as it reinforces what we had shared in our discussion on the Bible in someone's heart language: People simply hear and understand the Message of Salvation better when it is presented to them in their own mother tongue.

You can purchase the Jesus movie in the language of your choice directly from the Jesus Film Project store.

Other products that OnePlusGod Ministries is extremely excited about became available through an organization called "Renew". Renew specializes in audio, video and solar technology that enables us to reach the most remote areas in the world! For instance, you can now get the Jesus movie in any language of your choice on a tiny micro SD card that fits into a projector that could fit into a pocket! In fact, you can get all the equipment necessary to show the Jesus movie (projector, 92" portable screen, 2 speakers, solar panels, 2 microphones, 2 channel amp, SD cards with Jesus movie, all wires and cables needed), nicely packed in a 40 pound backpack - a system strong enough to show the movie to a crowd of up to 1,000 people! You can enjoy this and similar incredible products by browsing around on the renew website.

May our Lord bless you all as you continue to spread the Good News through the use of the Jesus Movie in people's heart languages!

To God be all the glory!
OnePlusGod Ministries