Kenya Life Mission Ministry

Empowering Generations to Expand the Kingdom of God


  • Kitale, Kenya

Main Activities: 

  • To minister through orphan & widow ministry, evangelism, leadership training, and community outreach.

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  • To spread the good news of Christ to the people of Kenya by feeding the hungry, physically and spiritually.

Interesting Facts:

  • Kenya has a rapidly growing population because of its high birth rate and a falling mortality rate.
  • Hundreds of thousands of refugees have flocked to Kenya from neighboring countries to escape violence.
  • Kenya is home to approximately 70 different tribes.
  • Dancing, storytelling, and bullfighting are popular activities that Kenyans partake in for entertainment.

  • The "Big Five" animals can all be found in Kenya. These animals are rhinos, leopards, lions, buffalo, and elephants.


  • Statistics indicate that by the end of this year Kenya will have over 2.4 Million orphans.

  • To provide adequate health care to the women and children of the villages.

  • To have enough food to provide for the families that come to the school and church.

  • Lack of clean water accessible by every village.


  • To truly make a difference with the orphan crisis.

  • To train and equip the unreached people in the villages with resources and finances in addition to faith.

  • To bring healing and transformation to the villages through safe health care. We would like to establish a maternal health care service for delivering mothers who have a lot of challenges giving birth in villages.

  • To build a clean water well close to every church.

  • To build a home where widows can live while caring for the orphans.


  • Swahili Bibles to give to the unreached and to use for training new leaders.

  • Partners in ministry to help grow our vision.

  • Finances to be able to complete the projects God has placed on our hearts.

  • New connections to share about our ministry.

Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray for the villages we serve and the need for Christ would recognized by the people.

  • Pray for safety of the orphans, widows, and newborns.

  • Pray for growth in our crops and animals so we can feed the villages.

  • Pray for leaders to emerge and have a desire to train others.

Contact Info: 


  • 254-722-67-2323

  • P.O. Box 3078-30200 Kitale, Kenya