Burkina Faso Kingdom Investment International


  • Burkina-Faso. The UN rates Burkina Faso as the world's third poorest country with an average yearly income of $670 per capita.

Main Activities: 

  • School of Leadership and Development—Raising Godly Leaders to change ‘their world’
  • Micro-Finance Initiative—Empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs
  • Community Project Initiative—Building healthy communities


  • The mission of Kingdom Investment International is to engage the body of Christ to empower the local people to solve their own socio-economic difficulties.

Interesting Facts:
• ‘Burkina Faso’ means ‘Land of Honourable/Incorruptible Men’. ‘Burkina’ is a Moore word meaning ‘honour’. ‘Faso’ is the Dioula word for ‘fatherland’. The Fulfulde language is reflected in the term ‘Burkinabe’, because ‘be’ is its plural for people. This use of all three main languages symbolises the unity of the country.
• More than 60 ethnic groups live in Burkina Faso, speaking a variety of different languages and dialects
• A citizen of Burkina Faso is known as a Burkinabe (in French, spelt with an è or sometimes with an é)


  • Over the past five years, Burkina Faso’s economic freedom has been declining. Since 2011, when it registered its highest economic freedom score ever, Burkina Faso has fallen back to the “mostly unfree” category. Improvements in investment freedom, labor freedom, and monetary freedom have been counterbalanced by significant declines in business freedom, financial freedom, and trade freedom.
  • Deeper structural and institutional reforms are critically needed to maintain stability and ensure long-term economic development. Systemic weaknesses in the protection of property rights, exacerbated by an inefficient judicial system that remains vulnerable to political influence, hinder the development of a more vibrant entrepreneurial environment. President Blaise Compaoré had ruled the former French colony since seizing power in 1987, but was ousted in a coup in late 2014. The country now faces a year of political transition. Faso has never experienced a peaceful transition of power. President Compaoré, who seized power in 1987, was ousted in a coup in 2014. Corruption is widespread, especially in public procurement, and the judiciary is weak.


  • Under God’s guidance, the School of Leadership and Development program will expand to 1000 children in ten different training centers through our partnership with local churches.
  • By His grace, the Micro-Finance program will provide financial support and loans to 120 thriving businesses.
  • With your help, we will begin our Community Development Initiative program by providing 3-5 wells to communities in Burkina-Faso giving them access to clean and safe drinking water.


  • A motorbike for the staff in Burkina-Faso for ministry purpose ($2000)
  • 7 desktop computers to start an internet coffee business to make the ministry in Burkina-Faso self-sustainable
  • An office for training, staff offices and a loading house for missionaries when traveling to Burkina-Faso

Prayer Requests: 

Pray for God to raise strategic financial partners to support the ministry.

Pray for the Lord has up a new generation of Leaders and the seed sown will yield fruits for the glory of the Lord

Pray for peace and stability in the country

Contact Info: 

Phone: (937-935-0258) Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo

Website: www.kingdominvestment.org

Facebook: Kingdom Investment International 

Mailing Address: 

130 South Main St. Suite 107 

Bellefontaine, OH 43311