There are so many great projects that you could support in today's world. It is surely no easy task to choose between all of these worthy options.

OnePlusGod Ministries would like to come alongside you in your choice of where to make your spiritual investment. We had taken the time to investigate each of the missions areas presented here with the greatest care. All of the missionaries listed here had proven themselves to have a deep love for the Lord, and are daily working diligently to make a lasting impact in this world to our God's glory.

We are trying our best to keep each of the missionaries' webpages updated with their information, as well as prayer- and/or newsletters. We also work hard at keeping you updated through applicable videos and pictures. Please note though that some of the missionaries work in dangerous areas and therefor their pages cannot be updated with certain attachments, videos or photos. If you need to know more about a certain area though, and you feel the webpage is not sufficient in answering your specific questions the missionaries would absolutely love to fill you in, and bring you on board with what God is doing in that specific "corner" of the globe!

We hope you will find something here that would touch your heart, and also feed your soul.

We hope you will enjoy making the missions area of your choice part of your prayer life, and your budget.

We hope you may one day even be able to visit the missionaries you have invested in, and worship our God with them!

Enjoy your spiritual journey with our Lord!
OnePlusGod Ministries