MTM Timeline


Annalie Janse van Rensburg was invited by Marisa Fouchè to assist with the ministry in Pine Ridge (a suburb of Witbank).
A team of people, Elaine Erlank, Amanda Diener, Bets de Wet, Marisa Fouchè, Max Naude, Stella Holmgreen and Annalie Janse van Rensburg visited people in Pine Ridge under guidance of Eternal Life Outreach.
Annalie identified the need for assistance with school work and started helping the children of Pine Ridge with school work at the house of Gona Singh, a Hindu lady. (Through this humble start and the work of other people, her daughter, Merosha is now a Pastor at a church in Pine Ridge).

October, 3 1994

Narollah Sending (Mission) Trust, based in Cape Town, donated $74 (R1000) for the ministry.


A Sunday School was started at Pine Ridge School in one of the class rooms.


Sunday Services were held at Pine Ridge School in one of the class rooms.


Annalie received scripture to plant a church in Pine Ridge.

February,18 1997

Applied for a church site (175) from City Council of Witbank.

April,21 1997

Church Board of the NG Gemeente (Congregation) Witbank decided to purchase the property.

July,19 1997

Narollah Sending (Mission) Trust donated the money to buy the property in the amount of $837 (R11 300)

January,19 1998

Antioch Tabernacle Pine Ridge Christian Fellowship Trust was founded and the Deed of Transfer was registered to this Trust on May, 12 1998.

December,25 2000

The first service was held in the church building in Pine Ridge.

May,26 2001

The Dedication and Thanksgiving Service for the inauguration of the church building.

January,20 2002

Congregation Establishment meeting took place with Rev Jan Momsen as the Chairperson.

May,22 2003

N G Gemeente (Congregation) Witbank invited Pine Ridge Congregation to become part of the congregation (signed by Rev PA Malherbe).

January,22 2004

Pine Ridge invited the Church Board of the NG Gemeente (Congregation) Witbank to attend the congregational meeting of February,1 2004.

May,30 2004

Pine Ridge became a division of N G Gemeente (Congregation) Witbank.
Annalie was inaugurated as pastor (Shepherd) of the Pine Ridge division.
Nelly Mtsweni was appointed missionary for new development called Klarinet which is part of the government’s Reconstruction and Development Programme.


Second church planting: A tent was erected in Klarinet in the yard of Martha Mtsweni, previously a member of a missionary church in Leeuwpoort (which was established under the guidance of Marisa Fouchè (see first entry on timeline). Annalie’s father was one of the lay-preachers of this church. Martha was willing to help due to her past and positive relationship connection with the Leeuwpoort church.


Henry Mampane joined the ministry as Youth worker.

August,9 2007

Suzette was appointed to manage the Soup kitchen project.

May,30 2009

Nelly Mtsweni (missionary in Klarinet) passed away.

July 2010

Training in Sport Ministry commenced.

September 2010

The outreach ministry of the church is officially established and is called MTM (Ministry through Movement)

February,20 2012

The tent was converted into a building in Klarinet.

January 2015

First American Outreach to Witbank, South Africa in cooperation with MTM through OnePlusGod Ministries. A dream was born to do something for the toddlers living at the Dumpsite.

february 2015

Andre and Chrissie Bester made their property in Klarinet available and transformed it into a Kindergarten for children living on the Dumpsite and Old Coronation squatter camp.

July,21 2015

Shamwari4Jesus Kindergarten opened for toddlers from Dumpsite and Old Coronation Squatter Camp.
Third church planting: A tent is erected on the same property of Shamwari4Jesus Kindergarten and Sunday services commenced.

November 2016

Joe and Linda Lonneman visited MTM in Witbank through OnePlusGod Ministries.

february 2017

Annalie and her daughter, Natasja made their visit to the United States of America to raise funds for more classrooms at Shamwari4Jesus Kindergarten.

february 2018

Second American Outreach to Witbank, South Africa in cooperation with MTM through OnePlusGod Ministries.

DECember 2018

The need to take over an Aftercare Project at Shamwari4Jesus facilities came to the attention of the directors of Shamwari4Jesus.


The Shamwari4Jesus Aftercare project commenced whereby 82 kids are served with meals, helped with school work, received counselling and exposed to various activities like ballet, karate etc.

MARCH 2019

Annalie paid her second visit to United States to raise funds for the Shamwari4Jesus Aftercare Project.