TransFORM 2019 OPG Business Retreat

October 5-6, 2019

*This event is for Business Owners or Leaders only.

Cost: $100 if you have attended this event before.

Join us for an amazing time of learning and growing with other like-minded business owners and individuals. We would love for your spouse to join us for this event! 


Embassy Suites Dublin, 5100 Upper Metro Pl, Dublin, OH 43017



3-6pm - Welcome Session & Check In

6pm - Dinner

7pm - Session 1 


8am - Breakfast 

9-1pm - Sessions 2 & 3 

1pm - Lunch 

2pm - Depart 

Testimony from Transform 2016

"The business retreat really helped my husband and I to think more deeply into how we can glorify God through our businesses. It was great to connect with other entrepreneurs who feel the same way. Pastor Wynand always delivers a powerful, relevant message. We will definitely be attending this retreat again." [Kim Stark-Schilling, child psychologist & Doug Schilling, accountant and farmer]