Haiti December 2019 - A short work trip!

December 5-9, 2019  

Early Registration is now closed. Please contact Caitlyn Leimbach at caitlyn@oneplusgod.org for your trip cost.

We have been involved in Haiti since 2010. Since then we have returned every year, and have been a part of some incredible Kingdom work, by the grace of God:

  • Support to girls’ homes.

  • Showing the Jesus movie, and doing Evangelism through prayer walks and door-to-door visits.

  • Children ministry through skits, Bible stories, music, and teaching kids to read and write.

  • Women’s ministry through sewing, crochet, and loom projects.

  • Assisting the men to fix and improve churches and schools.

  • Giving hundreds of people the Bible in their own language.

Go here to learn more about this ministry:

When going on a mission trip to Haiti you can expect to:

  • Walk the streets of Haiti, and spend some real time with the people of Haiti.

  • Coming face to face with the devastation caused by natural disasters and poverty.

  • Being exposed to a whole different way of life, away from the comfort, luxuries, and fast paced tempo of our normal lives.

  • Working day to day with Haitian missionaries and translators, who have a deep love for God and His people, and living as sacrificially as Jesus has challenged us to do.

  • Encouraging people both physically, emotionally and spiritually, while experiencing a huge leap forward in your own walk with God!

  • Enjoy ministry on all levels: sharing, praying, working with the kids, teaching people some skills, and helping with projects as needed.

  • Enjoy a day at a lovely beach, with the opportunity to get baptized in the sea!

Detail for this short term mission trip to Haiti:

  • Date: December 5-9, 2019.

  • On this trip you will work alongside our Haitian brothers on fixing and improving a school in the tent city. During rainy days it gets flooded with water, mud and all kinds of debris. The drainage around the building needs attention, and some walls and the roof are leaking.

  • Total cost: $1,650 from Columbus airport in Ohio. Cost could vary when joining us from elsewhere in the States, or in the world. You are most welcome to contact us at the email provided below requesting a quote, tailor made to your travel needs.

    • Included: Air tickets, guesthouse accommodation and meals, transportation in Haiti, translator fees, purified water, pre-trip training, trained in CPR & First Aid and experienced OnePlusGod staff accompanying you during the entire trip, medical & trip insurance, and OnePlusGod merchandise (your choice of items up to $45 total purchase order).

    • Excluded: Meals at airports, day at the beach, snacks, extra drinks, souvenirs and special service projects.

    • Non-refundable deposit of $165 by midnight, August 18, 2019 is required upon registration.

    • Fundraising: Within 3 business days of registration you will receive a link to an online giving page, which you can use to send to family, friends and businesses to help you raise the necessary funds for your trip fee.

  • Questions: info@OnePlusGod.org.

  • More detail will follow as we get closer to the trip.