Our Staff 

Wynand De Wet (Wayne)



Wynand de Wet, also known by many in America as Wayne, is the Founder and Director of OnePlusGod Ministries, and adjunct professor with a PhD in New Testament at Indiana Wesleyan University. 


His academic journey started in South Africa in 1989 with a BA in Biblical languages, followed by a BD degree in theology, and a Master's degree in New Testament. He started teaching part time at the University of Pretoria even while he was busy studying himself, and continued to do so when he was called into full time ministry in 1997. He never stopped studying and completed his PhD in New Testament in 2005 at the University of Pretoria. While his Master's degree focused on the Johannine literature, his PhD thesis took him on an incredible journey into the life of Paul. Wayne has 20 years of experience in pastoral ministry, with involvement in many different kinds of retreats and mission trips all across the globe.


The De Wet family had been blessed with the wonderful privilege to grow up in a lovely, and very diverse country, South Africa. This country has many challenges, such as poverty, racial and political tension, crime, and education barriers. However this is also a country with a passion for Christ. Wayne had learned since childhood how to put his trust in God no matter what, how to live with open spiritual eyes, being truly aware of physical and spiritual needs, how to be content with circumstances outside of your control, and how important it is to always be ready to depart from this world to the next!

On Nov 20, 1993, God united Wayne and Somari in marriage, and as the years went by they were blessed with two precious children, a girl named Shana, and a boy named Nicky. Over the years Wayne gained a global perspective. Some of his studies were done in Holland and Germany, while numerous mission trips would take him to Thailand, several countries in Africa, Indonesia, Jamaica and Haiti. He also lead spiritual tours to the Holy Land and Turkey, always with the goal of understanding God's Word better. On many of these trips his wife, and/or his children joined him.


At the end of 2008 Wayne and his family felt led to re-locate to America, where he continued pastoring churches. After 20 years of pastoral ministry God has called Wayne in October of 2013 to start something new! He is now serving as the director of OnePlusGod Ministries, while still holding his teaching position at Indiana Wesleyan University. Not only does Wayne have a passion for teaching, but he also loves leading missions trips all across the globe, and he is always ready to do the next retreat - whether it is with business leaders, youth, men, women, couples, or families!

Come and benefit from the teaching, mission trips, and retreats! Become a part of the journey with OnePlusGod Ministries that will bring deep growth to your relationships, great understanding of God's Word, and lasting renewal to your spiritual life.


Sara Glenn

Public Relations Officer




Sara graduated high school from River Valley High School in Marion, Ohio in 2001, and attended The Marion Technical College where she graduated in 2004 with an Associates Degree in Human and Social Services.


Sara's relationship with Christ began when she was baptized as an infant by Bishop C. Joseph Sprague at Epworth United Methodist Church in Marion, Ohio. Sara was raised in Epworth church, and knew at a very young age that the Holy Spirit was very present in her life. Sara was confirmed into the church and became a member in 1997. While Sara no longer attends Epworth United Methodist Church it remains to be her spiritual foundation and the start to her lifelong relationship with Christ. Through Epworth Church, Sara was able to travel all over the world serving the Lord through Missions. Sara has travelled to Mexico, Bolivia, Alaska and Canada for mission work. Since then, many OnePlusGod trips have been added. Sara lives in Marion with her husband Jerrell, son Cameron and daughter Cassidy.


Sara felt her calling back into Missions and Woman's Ministry when the opportunity came for her to travel to Haiti with OnePlusGod. While many obstacles stood in her way from going, Sara fought through it all and continued to follow God's will. Here is how she got to this point: Sara was raised in the Church, and was taught to always love God and to always "Treat others, how you would like to be treated." Sara also sang in a local Christian singing group called Rainbow Express and Classics from 1995-2001, and it was while singing and traveling from church to church that she was able to see how the Lord spoke to people through the ministry of music. It was when Sara was young that she was first called into the Ministry. Not knowing what this calling meant Sara continued to travel through life as a girl and teen, trusting that God would use her for His good someday. Sara met her husband of 9 years in 2001. After dating for 3 years, Sara married and was blessed just a year later with her son Cameron. It was 2 1/2 years after Cameron's birth that Sara was blessed again with a daughter Cassidy. While Sara felt immensely blessed with two beautiful children, her marriage was troubled. After 9 years of marriage, Sara became a divorced single mother. Sara credits this time in her life to the beautiful testimony God created for her. Turning those troubled years into beauty for God's glory is one of Sara's greatest stories of God's grace. Sara always continued to fight for her faith, and call on the Lord praising His name through the storm, and God never lead her astray. The Lord carried her and the children every step of the way. In August 2012, Sara left her home church of 28 years, and began attending The Shepherd's Fellowship. It was there that Sara was able to fully feel the power of the Holy Spirit. Sara soon realized that this would be her church home, and it was through finding her church home that God continually blessed her and the children with endless amounts of love and support from her church family. It was also here that Sara learned of OnePlusGod and signed up for the mission trip to Haiti. While on this trip Sara spoke to a group of Haitian woman, and it was during that message that Sara knew she was called to be a missionary with her main focus being women's ministries. Just like God opened the door for Haiti, God has opened the door for Sara to join OnePlusGod as the Operations Coordinator. Just like God opened the door for Haiti in 2014, God opened the door for Sara to join OnePlusGod as the Operations Coordinator in August of 2014, and now Sara is currently the Public Relations Officer. Also in 2014 Sara met her Husband Jerrell, who she lovingly refers to as “Jay”. Sara and Jay were married in December 2015. Just another amazing Blessing to add to Sara's testimony. Sara anticipates with Joy what God will do next!!


Caitlyn Leimbach

Ministry Development Manager




Caitlyn graduated high school from Cardington-Lincoln High School in Cardington, OH in 2008. Caitlyn also attended Marion Technical College through the PSEO program through high school. Caitlyn graduated from Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL in 2012 where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Social Work and minored in Intercultural Studies. Caitlyn is also a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in the state of Ohio.


Although Caitlyn considers Cardington, OH to be “home”, she was born in Oklahoma to her father Mike and mother Cathy. Caitlyn’s father was a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene when she and her brother Jordan were little. After her father decided to pursue another career, her family settled in Central Ohio to be closer to family. Caitlyn is an active member of Marion First Church of the Nazarene where she is part of the Young Adult Leadership team and missions council. In 2017, God blessed Caitlyn with an answer to prayer and she married the love of her life- Chris Leimbach on December 30, 2017. Chris is extremely supportive of Caitlyn and her calling and they are very excited to see where God leads them in ministry! 


Caitlyn was raised in the Church of the Nazarene, but truly started to own her faith in college. Caitlyn’s first missions experience was on a short-term trip to Jamaica in 2005. She thought it was a memorable experience, but did not truly think it would be part of her life, until she received her calling to missions at Nazarene Youth Conference in 2007. She answered God’s call to attend Olivet Nazarene University and throughout her time there she was able to go on two short-term mission trips and participate in a local multicultural church ministry. Caitlyn went to Thailand in 2010 and India in 2011. These experiences were priceless and really helped expand her worldview. After graduating college, Caitlyn moved back home to Central Ohio and pursued a social work job in Marion, OH. After working there for 2 years, Caitlyn received a phone call from a friend and the missions president from her church asking if she would be interested in going to Jamaica to help out a missionary there. Caitlyn felt God’s prompting to go and ended up spending over two and half months traveling the island of Jamaica. Since then, God has led her to several different countries and missions experiences. She is very excited to share her experiences with others and spread the knowledge of world missions to those in her local community and beyond.

Morgan Mauldin

College & Intern Coordinator





Morgan graduated from Homeschool in 2013. During that time she also completed The School of Christ Ministry, a school of training from God’s Word. Morgan also worked at Hobby Lobby for 5 years becoming the Head Dept. of Home Accents along with her work being sent out to States for decor. She also started and has grown her own Professional Photography business, M3Photography, and is licensed in the state of Ohio. 


Morgan has lived in Marion, OH basically her whole life but she was born in Baton Rouge, LA. At the age of two her parents, Mark & Tina, felt called into the ministry and packed up all they had and moved to Ohio. There they planted and still Pastor Word of Life Christian Center where she continues to teach Sunday School, Ranger Kids, do Secretary work a long being on the with Worship team. Morgan also has a twin brother, Michael, who just got out of the Marine Corps, and a younger brother, Matthew, who will be joining the Air Force. 


Morgan was raised in a Christian home and asked the Lord into her heart at the age of five. At the age of thirteen, Morgan felt the call of God into Missions. She got to go on her first trip at the age of sixteen to Nicaragua and she absolutely loved it. She knew that one day she would be on the field. The doors closed to that ministry so she stayed busy working in full time ministry at her Church, Photography, and also Hobby Lobby. In the year 2017, she started praying for ways to get involved in Foreign Missions. The end of that year she went and served an internship to Thailand through OnePlusGod. As she was praying asking God what He wanted next, she knew at the International Youth Camp of 2018, God wanted her to go back to Thailand to serve for a year. Morgan is extremely excited for this new journey as she will be working in the colleges of Thailand teaching English and sharing the Gospel.