Papua & Thailand 2017 

May 31-June 19, 2017

This 3-week long trip combined the jungles of Indonesia and one of the largest cities in Thailand. It was a small group of 10 people ranging from college students to business owners. The team started in Chicago and met each other in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands, it took multiple flights and several days in the country to get to the right village. In the village of Mouyeba, we were able to witness several dozen baptisms, participate in local nature walks, support the efforts of Bible translation, and participate in a special pig roast and village ceremony! The team was flown into the village by MAF pilots, and they were very grateful for such a cool experience with that ministry. 

The team then flew to Bangkok, Thailand to support and experience Bible Church Thailand and their ministries. The team visited several local schools and universities teaching English. The team also attended several church services and Bible studies in the city. Ending this experience was a 3-day English camp where OnePlusGod Ministries partnered with RBAC, a private Buddhist University, to teach over 65 English majors more about English, while having multiple opportunities for sharing our lives and testimonies. 

Overall, the trip was an incredible experience and included 26 take-offs and touch-downs in a plane! 


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