South Africa Ministry Through Movement


  • Pine Ridge and Klarinet suburbs, 7 miles from Emalahleni in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa

Main Activities

  • Using sport as a door at after school to teach children about Christ, and teach them how to cope with life in general.

  • Addressing the need of the poor by providing food, and using this opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ.

  • Helping the elderly, children and babies in poverty stricken areas, who have no access to therapists to develop their learning equipment (senses, brain and muscles) in order to prevent or remove learning barriers for optimal learning and living.

  • Managing the basic Church activities like services, Sunday school, prayer meetings etc.

  • Visiting juvenile delinquents in order to change the course of their lives by opening the door for Christ in their hearts.

  • Establishing pre-schools or kindergartens where we are committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of children regarding education in South Africa through bridging the gap between formal and non-formal education for pre-school children, by providing in the spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual developmental needs of pre-school children.

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  • The purpose of Ministry through Movement is to provide opportunities for young and old to develop Christ-like characters through movement – teaching, games, sport, music and programs. These different kinds of movement programs provide a fun family environment where everyone can enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual condition.

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Interesting Facts:

  • Our team consists of Afrikaans, English, Zulu and Sotho speaking members. (But we believe sport and music are universal languages).
  • Food is very basic with “Pap”/porridge (grounded corn flour) being the staple food (somewhat similar to "grits" in the States).
  • We love rhythmic, loud music.
  • We are not very punctual – it’s called African Time and it is very normal for a bride to arrive at church 3 hours later than stated on the invitation. We believe the bride and groom are the important ones and therefore when they arrive, it is the right time.


  • The biggest stumbling block for accepting Christ in the African culture is Ancestral Spirits. They believe that their ancestors still have a big role to play in their lives. John 14:6 states clearly that Jesus is the Only Way – not ancestral worshiping.

  • The Aids epidemic in Africa is big. Nearly all children are single or double Aids orphans, which are forcing them to either rely on grandparents for food and basic survival, or even start to function as heads of households themselves.

  • Unemployment is increasing and in our congregation, only 10% have a steady (but very small) income.

  • Our biggest challenge to address the needs of people in order for them to be able to accept the Gospel is funds. Funds for food, salaries, gas and Bibles are not readily available.


  • Our dream is to build a sustainable ministry. At the moment we are reaching about 2500 people per week, and we would not want to see any of this be jeopardized because of spiritual, economical or political reasons. We are seeking to grow spiritually, build into our staff/leaders, and provide sufficient and sustainable funding. We believe that this will set the stage for next-level growth.


  • Funding to allow the ministry to continue to function and grow.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for registration of Shamwari4Jesus Kindergarten with the government in order to receive subsidy.

  • Please pray for more funds to appoint more workers. The area is expanding at an alarming rate and we want to start with Good News Clubs in the new areas.

  • Please pray for funding of the Shamwari4Jesus Aftercare Project

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