Thailand January 2018 

Date: January 8-18, 2018 


REGISTRATION is now open and will close on October 20, 2017.  


By the grace of God - some incredible work done in Thailand include:

• Enabled the building of a church and parsonage in Bangkok.

• Training of pastors and missionaries.

• Supporting Evangelism programs in Bangkok, and outreaches to many parts of Thailand, as well as the neighboring countries, like Burma.

• Supporting the ministry of “Zera ministry” in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

• Enabled several Thai Christians to attend seminary, and enter into full time ministry.

• Ministering through English as an Evangelism tool to public, Buddhist schools and colleges.  


Go here to learn more about these ministries:

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Zera Ministry

Bangkok, Thailand - Bible Church Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand - Dalton & Katie Williams


Important detail:

• $2,500 from Chicago airport*. (Cost could vary when joining us from elsewhere in the States.  Contact us and our friendly staff we will gladly help with your specific travel arrangements.)  Included: air tickets, accommodation and meals, as well as transportation and domestic flights in Thailand from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. 

• Excluded: meals at airports, snacks, souvenirs.

• Non-refundable deposit of $250 ensures registration.

• Fundraising: Within 3 business days of registration you will receive a link to an online giving page, which you can use to send to family, friends and businesses to help you raise the necessary funds for your trip fee

• Questions:


Tentative Trip schedule

Jan 8 Depart from States

Jan 9 Arrive at Bangkok airport and fellowship

Jan 10 Getting to know Bangkok and flying to Chiang Mai

Jan 11-12 Chiang Mai - training ministry leaders and children’s ministry

Jan 13 Flying back from Chiang Mai and college ministry at church in Bangkok

Jan 14 Church service, fellowship and weekend market

Jan 15 Meeting ministry leaders, witnessing public Buddhist worship, visiting a temple and boat trip

Jan 16 College ministry, fellowship and presentation of BCT ministry

Jan 17 Elementary school ministry and small group fellowship

Jan 18 Departing Bangkok & Arrival in States


* Cost and airport of departure might vary at this point. More exact detail to follow as we get closer.