Thailand June 2019

Date: June 17-July 1, 2019

Ten young adults from the ages 16 to 24 joined this year's trip to Thailand and it was so incredibly blessed - we cannot give enough praise to our Father! It was also the first time for our youngest staff person, Morgan Mauldin, to co-lead an official OPG trip - well done Morgan!

We started with a very blessed trip to the northern parts of Thailand and crossing the river into the Karen State. Even though we experienced more rain than previous years it didn't stop the students from having a lot of fun serving the Karen children with songs, fun skits, teaching English and playing games in this beautiful jungle! Living without electricity and a bit uncomfortable bathroom facilities for a couple of days brought back an appreciation for the luxuries we often take for granted in the States, and no internet access provided great time away from social media to get replaced with special GOD-time! The evenings were filled with special worship services and many children gave their lives to Christ during our revival night - praise be to God!

Back in Bangkok we had the privilege this year to work with two colleges, SPU and RBAC - our students and the Thai students had SO MUCH FUN. Some surely connected for life! They exchanged culture, language, social media connections, heart and even soul stuff - yes, we had the opportunity to share the Gospel in small groups on our final Sunday there and many students moved one more step closer to understanding and accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior! We will continue to pray for spiritual growth and the work in the harvest. This trip is always filled with a ton of fun stuff too: At the Pattaya beach we enjoyed parasailing, jet skis, the banana boat, had a ride on elephants and played with tigers! The students had enough time to shop for some great souvenirs at the pier in Bangkok, night market and some of the enormous Bangkok malls. Of course the public worship, exposure to the thousands of idols and temples always strike deep. The spiritual darkness in Thailand shouts out how enormous the need and the harvest is, and challenges the students each year to appreciate and value what they have in the Lord, and to roll up their sleeves and get to work through partnering with the missionaries so that we can get the harvest in!

Praise be to our Father for an unforgettable summer college trip to Thailand and the Karen State!

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