Great news:  You are under no obligations when filing this trip request!

We are so excited that you are interested in taking your group on a short-term mission trip with OnePlusGod!  Please help us to get to a better idea of what you have in mind, so that we can start a meaningful conversation with you.  

An initial response to put a life-changing experience together can be expected within 3 business days. Keep these important remarks in mind to make the most of your request:

  • Definition: We offer “Scheduled Trips” and “Customized Trips”. Scheduled Trips are those trips already advertised on this website, and are open for anybody, no matter location, church affiliation, or any other distinction. Customized Trips are defined by the point person requesting the trip and could therefor be meant exclusively for a specific church affiliation, small group, business and so forth.

  • Destination: Currently we go to any of these seven countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Mali, South Africa, Haiti and Jamaica.

  • Dates: Although Scheduled Trips have fixed dates you can request to block out a number of spots for a period of time. Customized Trips are arranged as close as possible to a date and duration of your choice.

  • Age: All ages are welcome on our trips!

  • Group pricing: To qualify for group rates the group size of a Customized Trip needs to be at least 10 people, excluding the accompanied OnePlusGod staff person.

  • Less than 10: The exciting advantage of OnePlusGod is that you can still go on a Customized Trip with less than 10 people…you might even want to go with only your spouse or family! Furthermore, even with such a small group OnePlusGod will do their best to negotiate the lowest trip fee possible.

  • Finances: If you choose to go on a Scheduled OnePlusGod trip, the price would be as advertised on the website. If you would choose to have a Customized Trip put together we will present you with a quote that will fit your needs.

  • Funding: Each participant receives an online funding page 3 business days after registration. This enables adequate tracking of funding and effective tax refund statements.

  • Staff: All OnePlusGod Trips (both Scheduled & Customized) require a staff person to accompany your group. This is to ensure a care-free and highly effective experience with crucial elements in mind like safety, adequate travel and accommodation arrangements, and meaningful scheduling of ministry opportunities.

  • Administration: OnePlusGod will take care of the registration process, payment procedures, booking of flights and lodging, meals, translators if necessary, insurance, and arranging appropriate ministry opportunities.

  • Training: Whether this is your very first trip or one of many, OnePlusGod is committed to ensure that your group is well prepared before you leave the States!

  • Leadership: When joining a Scheduled Trip a qualified, experienced, and medically-trained staff person will take charge and lead all facets of the entire trip. With a Customized Trip your group can decide who should lead for example devotions, worship, teaching, or any other ministry opportunities. In this case the accompanying OnePlusGod staff person will be available to step into a leadership role upon request, or as agreed upon during trip planning.

  • Presentation: A staff person can come to visit your group before and/or after your trip to either encourage participation, or present effective feedback.

If you realize now that you would rather be interested in a Scheduled Trip for your group, you do not need to file the Customized Trip request form below.  An email would be sufficient in which you can tell us which Scheduled Trip you are interested in, and how many spots you would like us to block out for you. We will get back to you with a proposal beneficial to all parties. Please send us your email now:

If you are excited about putting a Customized Trip together, then please go ahead and tell us what you have in mind!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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